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It is an exciting time to be able to work with American Airlines. Building and establishing a new brand has always been one of my passions. And working with such an iconic brand during this transition has been an inspiring experience.

Another great love is clean, easy mobile design and interactions. As Creative Director I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to assist in the interaction design, wireframing and prototype creation for the first three pages of the new mobile site.

Working along side a very talented team, including visual designer Mike Parra, we teamed up with AA’s longtime mobile partner Usablenet to deliver a customized mobile experience that shares content with the desktop site.

AA UX Pattern Guide — Responsive wires and navigation

aaux mobile wireframes for responsive layout

Beginning with Jaime Maldinado‘s complete desktop wire for our new internal UX Pattern Guide and Assets site, I was asked to envision the mobile and tablet versions if it were to be developed using Responsive and Adaptive Web Design.

This was a difficult task, as it is a heavy site with four levels of navigation. These examples show the nav interactions for one of four branches off the main site.

I also worked heavily on the “Resources” section of the site. This included gathering, organizing and writing content to help UX team members have a central resource for all of the onboarding information, system setup, and team guidelines necessary to be successful at AA.

American Airlines Dining app (pre-rebrand)

  • AA dining app final comps
  • AA dining app user flow
  • AA dining app user pencils
  • AA dining app wires

The objective of this projects was to expand the capabilities of the AAdvantage app to include the ability to search for nearby businesses that award AAdvantage miles. This included dining, hotels, rental cars, shopping, financial, and other categories.

We did this by creating an HTML5 branch that would allow the teams to keep the offer content up to date with seamless integration into the native app.

AA homepage wireframe


During the time between knowing there was going to be a rebrand and receiving the new Style Guides, we did a lot of preliminary thinking on the re-architecture of the site, navigation structure, and home page layout.

Many ideas and details from these beginning stages went on to become a part of the new live site, including reducing the bloated top navigation down to three user-focused categories, and moving the overflow to the footer.

United Marketing Communications

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United Marketing Communications is a local advertising agency that specializes in health care and multi-unit franchise marketing. Working closely with their internal brand team, I helped UMC create an online presence, allowing them to begin showcasing their services and attracting a larger client base.

Bailey Banks & Biddle

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This site was created as part of a new business pitch during my time at Javelin in hopes of winning the Bailey Banks and Biddle account after the retail chain was acquired by new owners.

This concept included completely re-architected content and navigation structure along with the refreshed visual design. I also created Email and Landing Page templates to complete the fresh new digital personality.

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